Snow and cooler temps needed

If any of the wax technicians from the National Ski Team are reading this, we need your help:)

Trails in Peter Lougheed Prov Park are icy. Slushy if they’re in the sun. It was very difficult getting any kind of grip wax to work properly, and it’s the same on all trails in the park. Waxless skis didn’t perform very well either.

Klister might be the only thing that would work right now. I’ve rarely used Klister, and there are many different kinds, so I don’t know what to suggest.(Update: see comment below for suggestion)

We checked out Elk Pass, Whiskey Jack, and Pocaterra. Same conditions all over. Talked to a skier who was on Tyrwhitt who reported it to be very soft. The thermometer at Pocaterra said +8, the one in my car said +12. It’s not bad if you like double-poling most of the time.

The Weather Network is calling for 2-4 cm of snow on Thursday…let’s hope it materializes. Environment Canada’s forecast isn’t quite so promising, calling for no snow and a high of +5.

Mt Shark was groomed and trackset last night, but getting there is not much fun right now with the muddy conditions on the Smith-Dorrien.

Geez… this is a depressing report. Would everyone please put their summer tires back on their vehicles…that’s a sure way to make it snow!

I am only guessing, but I would imagine it’s colder at Lake Louise and the conditions are probably a lot better. Anyone been there lately?


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  1. hi bob
    yes i agree with jon, it is klister time! As to Lake Louise we were there on sunday and it was warm! not quite klister but not far from it!

  2. HI BOB!
    Yes, I fear it is a klister time of year, but people ought not fear this…heat the tube, we have used the in-car heater or even the engine and then apply in small swatches in the grip zone and use your thumb to rub it in. Then put on gloves, yes, on the sticky hands! This is not a joke, the klister denatures with heat, neither hand nor glove ends up sticky. I know sounds like a set-up but try it and see! As to what kind, that is why we have universal…wide range and works on ice and on slush.

  3. We had a great ski today on the entire 42km course of the Cookie Race. Your right, you need kilster. KR50 worked quite well for us. Just started to loose grip going up Packer’s but that was due more to stripping than anything else. The key to not having the trails too soft right now is getting off them not much after noon.

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