Spray River; Cascade Fire Road

Here are a couple photos from Wednesday when I skied the Spray River(west side).

Spray River(west side). Mar 10, 2010

It was in nice shape, but no guarantees what it’s like after two warm days. The tracksetting continued for 9.9K. At that point, you’re basically on the Goat Creek trail which looked like this:

Goat Creek. Mar 10, 2010

There were skier tracks in about 10 cm of fresh snow.

Cascade Fire Road

Cheryl skied 30K on Cascade Fire Road yesterday and gives this report:

It had just been track set. The hill from the the parking lot was very thin with some asphalt sticking through the tracks(in a lot of places). The meadow at the end of the hill was skiable (I did not have to take my skis off). The beginning of the climb on the big hill you had to be careful as there were many rocks in the tracks and in the middle, some loose tree branches and rocks. However the higher you climbed the better and better it got. I am glad that I did not decide to use my waxless skis based on the snow at the parking lot or the beginning of the trail. The snow was quite cold at the top of the big hill and even colder as you carried on past the bridge. I had great grip for climbing but quite slow on the flats for gliding. A combination of things contributed to that, the soft tracks from just being set and probably my grip wax being too warm as well as glide. When I got to the very end of Cascade Fire Road to turn around I scraped some of the grip wax off and put VR40 and it worked well. That was the longest ski I had done this year and it felt really awesome.

Devon Kershaw on coming fifth in the 50K at the Olympics

“The competition that took place last Sunday was the one of the best races of my sporting career (if not my best). No question. Yet, it continues to be the hardest loss to deal with mentally…”

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George Grey also had an excellent race “The Olympics have been over for ten days and I owe you an update on the 50km.  It has taken me so long because I am mentally and physically exhausted from the energy I used at the Olympics.  I will touch on that later but first…the race.

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  1. Spring in the city
    I thought skiing was done for the season from the look of Calgary. I’m glad I checked into this great site and found out we can ski for awhile yet. Thanks for your committment, Bob.

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