We saw it all today

New tracks, sun, blue sky, deep snow and blizzard conditions.

Skiing through a blizzard on Tyrwhitt. March 18, 2010

Starting out on Elk Pass today, we had beautiful grooming and new tracks.  There was already about 1 cm of new snow on the trail, but all things considered, we were thrilled to be skiing on some cold snow and good tracks.

Elk Pass. Mar 18, 2010

It started snowing as we headed up Elk Pass and got steadily heavier and heavier. At the top of Elk Pass, the snow stopped and the sun broke through the clouds but it was short lived. We were soon skiing through a full-out blizzard on Tyrwhitt. No sooner had we reached the Lookout junction, the sun was back in all its glory.

Covered with snow after skiing through the Tyrwhitt blizzard. Mar 18, 2010

Needless to say, if the snow continues overnight, the tracks on Tyrwhitt will be completely snow covered, but hey, let’s be happy that we’re getting it.

Whiskey Jack/Moraine junction. Mar 18, 2010

Coming down the steep hill on Whiskey Jack was pretty easy today with the new snow on the trail, however, I was surprised to find very little snow at the bottom, maybe 1 or 2 cm. The snow on Moraine was thin with a hard crust and of course there was about 1 cm of fresh snow over top. Fox Creek was a little better.

Fox Creek. Mar 18, 2010

You never know what you’re going to get with spring skiing but I’d have to say we had a wonderful day!

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  1. Fabulous weather and ski conditions on Friday, at Blueberry Hill and Elk Pass. Overnight, 2-3 cm of dry snow fell, giving easy waxing and perfect skiing in the morning, into mid-afternoon. By then, the warm sun was affecting exposed areas, giving more springlike conditions, while shaded areas remained dry. Should be good for at least another day yet.

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