One last ski(Part 2)

Elk Pass. Apr 3, 2010

After reading Steve’s comment about conditions in PLPP yesterday, we had to go check it out one more time, and we’re glad we did. Considering it’s April, and the warm weather we’ve had, the conditions were great.

It was mostly overcast and -1, so the snow is staying cold and the tracks were excellent. I had good success with Toko yellow for -2 and warmer. Higher up, you could have been using something colder. There was light snow falling intermittently.

We started at Boulton Creek and climbed Whiskey Jack. What a fabulous workout; wish I could do it everday. Nice shape except for the ultra-steep section which was icy. Had to take our skis off and walk for about 20 metres.

Tyrwhitt trail. Apr 3, 2010

The entire length of Tyrwhitt was wonderful. Ditto Elk Pass. We didn’t ski the big hill at the beginning of Elk Pass, so I can’t tell you what shape it’s in.

Fox Creek. Apr 3, 2010

Fox Creek had lots of fresh snow and good skier tracks. The only problem spot was the downhill as you turned off Elk Pass. Probably be best to walk that section as it was icy from all the snowplowing.

The homestretch on Boulton Creek was iffy. Lots of thin patches and  icy spots. There’s not much skiing remaining on this trail. We didn’t have to remove skis except at the very end where the trail is in the open and there’s a south-exposed hill. You’re only about 200 metres from the parking lot at this point.

Running out of snow on Boulton Creek. Apr 3, 2010

If this turns out to be our last ski, it was a good one.

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  1. Take note – The Peter Lougheed Visitor Centre will be closed from Tuesday, April 6th to Friday, May 6th inclusive.

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