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Running out of snow on Boulton Creek. Apr 3, 2010

Spring is here and I’m busy at work. It’s an emotional occasion when I have to put the ski clothes away and admit ski season is over.  It was a phenomenal winter and I’m  sad that it has to end. It has been very gratifying, however,  to see how many skiers have used this site to get the latest info on cross-country ski conditions. Many skiers recognized me on the ski trails and said “thanks for the blog.” Always enjoyed hearing that.

Thank you to everyone who sent in comments and photos. There were many occasions when I decided to ski at a destination where someone had been the previous day and told us about it on the blog.  Your input is much appreciated by me and all the other skiers who log on here, and that’s why we have such a high readership.

If you had a particularly memorable ski trip this winter I’m certain that everyone would enjoy hearing about it. Just click on the comments below this post.

For me, I thoroughly enjoyed getting back to leading trips for the Calgary Ski Club. It was nice meeting so many enthusiastic skiers, and I  was especially pleased to see so many beginners and new skiers coming along with us.

A few statistics:

We had 61,034 views between Nov 1- March 31. That works out to an average of 404 per day.

The most popular link(since the blog started in 2008):  4025 clicks on the Kananaskis trail report.

I personally logged 1375 kilometres on my skis this winter. That’s the most ever!

It wasn’t the greatest year for snow by any stretch. We were very fortunate to get early snow and cold weather to preserve it. It was the earliest ever for skiing on machine-groomed tracks at Lake Louise. By the end of Feb, however, it was starting to be a challenge to find good conditions. There wasn’t a lot of good skiing to be found in March.

A few of my favourite trails never did get enough snow to say they were good. Goat Creek for example. I was lucky enough to ski it immediately after a few snowfalls but it deteriorated quickly.

What will next winter bring?

If I could rule the world…

This comes from a Cross Country Canada newsletter from the past winter, and I thought it to be a fitting way to end things. Collin Abbott from Canada’s National Junior Ski Team says…

“If I could rule the world for a day I would? Hmmm. Make it snow more, bring free health care and education to everyone, pass laws making sustainability a priority in our society, end the wars/genocides of the world. While I’m dreaming, I’d like a couple of pairs of really, really fast skis. And a nine-foot long Steinway Grand Piano.”

I’d even take the Steinway…it might encourage me to sit down and play more often.

Have a great summer!


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  1. Thank you Bob, for putting in the time and effort in keeping Ski Here current, enjoyable and informative. Your enthusiasm has no doubt inspired others to get out on skis.
    While my xc season wrapped up nearly a month ago, and summer activities such as hiking and biking have been taking over, I have continued to get out into the backcountry on skis. It was not the best season of skiing in the backcountry locally, but there were some memorable days. A tour around Dolomite Peak in late February was one of them.
    Some photos of that day can be found here-

    Looking forward to more of Ski Here in the fall, and hope to bump into you on the trails next winter.
    Thanks again,
    Steve Riggs

  2. Thanks for a great blog Bob.I have had many years of great skis with you and great memories.It has been wonderful to take our dog Tessa on many ski trips and experience her joy for the outdoors.

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