New skis for free! announces the Adopt-a-Skier Program for aspiring young ski racers is going to provide racing skis and gear($750 value) for an aspiring, young ski racer who would otherwise be unable to afford the expensive gear that’s required to compete.

If you are a 12 – 14 year-old skier who has previously raced or would like to race, but can’t afford the equipment, would like to help you out.

Simply send me an email with your story(and contact info) to

Tell us about your skiing history so far, and what your future aspirations are.  Are you taking lessons? How often do you plan to ski this year? Which races will you be entering? Where’s your favourite place to ski?

Send me the names and phone numbers and email addresses of three references who can vouch for you.

This is meant for kids whose parent(s) truly face a financial hardship.

The selection committee will go over every application and upon making a decision, you will be given a $750 gift certificate to Lifesport.

Hopefully we can do this on an ongoing basis as we get the funds, and provide skis for many young ski racers.

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