Ski Sales this weekend

Update Oct 22: The ski sale was very busy and there’s a very limited inventory remaining. There’s a good selection of skating skis as well as some brand new classic skis(without bindings) priced at $120. Nothing remaining as far as used classic skis or kids’ skis. The lineup to pay stretched around the entire Max Bell arena!

The gigantic New & Used ski sale is on at Max Bell this weekend. I’ll be working in the Cross-country section on Friday evening from 5-9 pm.

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Frozen Thunder update

The recent warm weather has deteriorated the conditions somewhat, but I stopped by around 4 pm today to have a look and took this photo:

Skiers are still enjoying Frozen Thunder at Canmore Nordic Centre. Oct 21, 2010

The skiers said the backstretch had a lot of exposed sawdust. (If you didn’t hear, sawdust was used to cover the snow piles through the summer. Obviously some got mixed into the snow.)

Cooler temperatures are on the way, maybe even some snow. Let’s hope so.

Canmore Ski Swap

The Canmore Nordic Ski Club is holding their ski swap on Saturday from 9 – 1 at the Nordic Centre’s Bill Warren Training Centre. For more info


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  1. Update..It rained most of the night up here in Canmore. Definitely not the best news or scenario for “Frozen Thunder”.

  2. While Bob headed back to Calgary to volunteer at the Calgary Ski Sale I decided after hiking with our dog Tessa to go for a late ski at the Nordic Center here in Canmore. Conditions at “Frozen Thunder” have deteriorated significantly. While attempting to skate ski I encountered a lot of exposed sawdust causing my skis to grab frequently. There are many rough, thin spots appearing in the 1k loop.The “optional hill”, while fairly protected from the sun, was very soft, starting to be chewed up and showing signs of wear and tear. Here’s hoping for a good dump of snow real soon now that we all have the “bug” to get out and ski from the pleasure of early skiing on “Frozen Thunder”!!

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