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I received this email from Catherine and I hope you Ski-Heretics can give her some advice. I am guessing there are a number of new skiers in this situation who would benefit from some suggestions:

My husband & I are new to Cross Country skiing. We live in SE Calgary and are hoping to enjoy this sport throughout the winter. We did manage to get out about 3 times last winter at the Maple Ridge Golf Course and really enjoyed it. I skied as a teenager but my husband had never. There were many laughs had!

Anyhow, we have our winter tires and equipment ready to go this year and are hoping to get out to the KCountry to enjoy the beauty there. Where would you suggest that we start? How can we find out how to access some of the trails that I’ve seen on your site and which are the easiest?

Thanks for any advice that you can give.


Bloggers? Blog-dawgs? While skiing today I was thinking of a descriptive term I could use to describe the readers of and thought “Ski-heretics” was a good one. Consider it a term of endearment.

Another email:

Bob, once again, your website is fantastic. I enjoy looking at it everyday. The west Bragg Creek trails are well packed with no dirt showing.  I was out there on Sunday afternoon. Busy parking lot but not a lot of traffic.  Chilly but fabulous for early season.

donna matthezing

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  1. Hi,When we started out with the kids 4 years ago we started by going to the Peter Lougheed visitor centre and asking them for maps and advice. You buy the maps for a nominal fee, but they show the groomed trails and difficulty. The staff were really helpful. We started the kids on the Spruce Road – a nice simple loop, and now we do the trails from pocaterra hut and Boulton.

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