Where should Patti from Vancouver ski?

Received an email today:

Can you suggest any new venues for these skiers?

“My husband and I will be in Canmore in late February for about 10 days of skiing. We’ll be following your blog for ideas on where to ski, snow conditions, etc., but I wonder if you can suggest a few spots for us to try. Last time we visited, we skied at the Nordic Centre, Mount Shark, PLPP and a few trails at Lake Louise. Are there other areas we should visit? And is it worth straying a bit farther afield, staying somewhere other than Canmore for a few nights? We’re pretty much groomed trail skiers, but also do some very light touring.

Thanks in advance for any ideas you can pass along.



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  1. Anita, there are some similar bridges along the Goat Creek trail and I could see why you’d think this might be it, but sorry, you’ll have to guess again.

  2. the trail is goat creek. the canmore to banff trail.

  3. Alf, those are some great suggestions for Patti. I’m thinking that you’d be a likely candidate to take a guess on the location of the trail in the photo below(Guess the trail #4). Looks like it has everyone else stumped. It’s a trail I want to recommend to Patti, too, so it obviously hasn’t been mentioned yet.

  4. In February, you can often find great conditions at the Ribbon Creek trails. They are just a short drive from Canmore… or you could spend a few days at Kananaskis Village and shorten the drive to the PLPP trails.
    Or you could stay at Engadine Lodge and ski the Sawmill trails or PLPP trails from there. If you’re looking for ungroomed light touring in the Spray Valley, I would recommend Chester Lake and the tour to Burstall Lakes.
    If you are looking for something a little farther from Canmore for a few days, I also recommend the Nipika Touring Centre, at the south end of Kootenay Park.

  5. If you’ve skied all the trails in PLPP, my suggestion would be Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park. You could consider staying at the Emerald Lake Lodge.

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