Escaped boxing day madness

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Six of these seven skiers say skiing is better than shopping on Boxing day. The lone dissenter(lady on the far right with a big smile) was still undecided. Dec 26, 2010

Today was a glorious day to be in the mountains, and far away from the Boxing day crowds.

Another group of happy people, The Rocky Mountain Ramblers were gathered at the Elk Pass/ Blueberry junction. Dec 26, 2010

Look at that great snow and those fantastic tracks! I started at Elkwood and skied 28K on a number of trails, all in good condition except for some pine needles which I would consider a minor inconvenience.

Lots of smiles today from the Foothills Nordic Ski Club masters on Tyrwhitt. Dec 26, 2010

My tour consisted of Wheeler, Moraine, Fox Creek(not as much fun in this direction), Elk Pass, Tyrwhitt, Pocaterra(fast and thrilling downhill for 6K), Lynx, and Amos. Everything was trackset, a few thin spots on Pocaterra, Lynx and Amos but barely worth mentioning.

That's Jeanine coming around the bend on Elk Pass. Dec 26, 2010

It was snowing lightly on Elk Pass and Tyrwhitt. I took this next photo of Damien on Pocaterra as he was approaching the Whiskey Jack junction. Take a look at that incredible grooming  job:

Pocaterra near Whiskey Jack junction. There's Gap Mtn in the background. Dec 26, 2010

I initially had planned to go all the way to the hut, and back on Meadow and Lodgepole but didn’t have the energy so I took the shortcut on Lynx/Amos. Maybe my skis need waxing, maybe it was too much food and drink yesterday.

Christmas Day on Goat Creek

The trail down to the Goat Creek bridge. Dec 25, 2010

Tessa and I took a quick ski down to the Goat Creek bridge yesterday. Trail’s in really nice shape(and very fast) except for that one big jagged rock which is right in the track about 3K from the trailhead. I swear, the next time I go there, I’m taking a hammer and chisel and digging that sucker out. It’s easy to see and easy enough to lift your ski as you go over it, but it will still be there the next time it’s trackset.

What a cutie!

Cathy and Java on Goat Creek. Dec 25, 2010

Tessa and I were happy to meet Cathy and her dog Java who were enjoying a Christmas day ski. Here’s a close-up:

Java. Dec 25, 2010


“Sold Out”

This announcement is on the Lake Louise to Banff loppet website today:

“The 2011 Lake Louise to Banff Loppet & Relay is now full and registration has closed.
If you would like to be placed on a waitlist in the event that another skier cancels), please email us at

Well, I’m sorry if you missed out, but why don’t you consider another fun race on the same weekend:

Nipika Loppet on Sat Jan 22

The Dec 25 trail report from Nipika says…come to Nipika where it is sunny!!! All trails are groomed for classic and skate skiing. Everything has now been groomed with the pisten bully. Trails are in fantastic shape! Come out and enjoy this winter wonderland!

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  1. There must have been a lot of skiers out shopping on the 26th. We encountered only a handful of others on our annual Boxing Day Blowout- Whiskeyjack-Lookout-Hydroline-Fox Creek-Moraine. Too bad for the shoppers, ski conditions throughout were stellar.

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