Healy Creek

Healy Creek in Banff National Park. Dec 20, 2010

We only had an hour before dark to get in a ski, so we checked out Healy Creek for the first time. It was trackset on Sunday, but the snow is still pretty thin and there are numerous rocks to contend with.

The Banff Trail report is ambiguous – in one section of the report it says that Brewster Creek was also trackset but in another part it says it is only snowmobile packed. I’ve never known Brewster Creek to be a trail which is trackset, and indeed, it is only snowmobile packed.

We didn’t make it onto the Sundance Canyon trail, so I don’t know if it’s in any better condition. A good portion of that trail is on pavement, so at least it wouldn’t have the rocks even if the snow is thin. 

Most of Healy Creek meanders through the forest on pleasant rolling hills, but there is one section where it runs along the creek for a short stretch and it’s quite beautiful as you can see in the photos.

Healy Creek ski trail. Dec 20, 2010

We’ve finally got some milder weather on the way! Don’t forget about the total eclipse of the moon tonight starting around 11:33. I hope you’ve got a clear sky, wherever you are. Looking at the moon right now from my very dark back yard, there’s a beautiful halo around it(because of some light clouds) with all the colours of the rainbow. This is the first time in 372 years that a lunar eclipse has happened on the shortest day of the year.

The moon from Bob's back yard. Dec 20, 2010

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