Update on Shaganappi and Confederation golf courses

I’ve noticed that anything posted about Shaganappi Golf Course always gets lots of attention. The Shaganappi Trail Report is a highly popular link. I’m pleased, therefore, to get this detailed report from Ben and Karen Silverberg:

Opportunity Seized

Karen Silverberg at Shaganappi Golf Course. Dec 18, 2010. Photo by Ben Silverberg

It was -12 and very grey in Calgary today but Karen and I with little available time decided to venture  over to Shaganappi Golf Course not wanting to miss any opportunity to be outdoors. Given the wintery nature of the day we were surprised to find the upper parking lot filled to capacity.  Calgarians are truly blessed to have this fine facility within the borders of their city, and it was even more rewarding to see the course being used.  We met and chatted with many different skiers, from the youngest being six years old to a group of merry seniors, from first timers to seasoned race enthusiasts: this certainly speaks to the growing popularity of Nordic Skiing.    

Ben Silverberg at Shaganappi Golf Course. Dec 18, 2010. Photo by Karen Silverberg.

Tracks were for the most part skier-set and while there was a fresh skiff of new snow on the ground, several sections were bottomed out and in the woodlot areas of the course, leaf debris was abundant but not restrictive.  More snow will rectify these minor inconveniences. Regardless, the skiing was fast and exhilarating! Volunteers from the Calgary Ski Club who look after the facility have set out fully descriptive trail maps at key junctions along the course along with bright yellow directional markers to help manage the traffic flow.  Once we completed the outer circuit, Karen and I bushwhacked through the open fields of wind-blown snow along the backside of the course thinking it hilarious to suddenly find ourselves deep in sinkholes of powder.  Joined by fellow skiers, apres-ski was enjoyed across town at Spolumbo’s in the Inglewood quarters where we feasted on gourmet sausages, washed down with carafes of Italian wine. No missed opportunity today!!

Confederation Golf Course
Update Dec 19: Foothills Nordic volunteer T. deFreitas has some news regarding Confederation golf course:
We track set Confed golf course last night. Excellent single ski track cut, about 3 km. If you notice walkers on the trail, please remind to stay off.

 Let the City of Calgary know how important these city ski trails are to the quality of winter life in the city! Becasue of city rules, confederation golf course track settting is very difficult to near impossible!


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  1. You access the trails throught the main gate just off 19th Street.

  2. is there a designated parking spot and entrance to get into Confed. Golf Course for a ski, or are people just jumping the fence or ??! Please advise! Thx 🙂

  3. I skied at Confederation golf course this afternoon and it was very nice. I will leave a comment for the City.

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