New grooming

Confederation Golf Course

“New tracks this morning. Enjoy the great winter weather!!!”

 Tim de freitas


The trails around Ribbon Creek and Kananaskis Village were groomed and trackset last night.

There are some trails in PLPP which were trackset on Friday night. Check the  Kananaskis trail reports.

If you missed his comment, Steve Riggs was at PLPP yesterday:

“Loads of new snow at PLPP on Saturday. Lured by early Saturday morning tracksetting on Whiskeyjack, Packers and Pocaterra we pulled into Boulton parking lot into knee deep new snow, but were afraid to stop and park our CRV lest we get bogged down. Decided instead to ski a loop in the Visitor Center-Pocaterra area where the new snow depth was much less. Skiing was decent, but somewhat slow in the cold new snow, on a mix of skier set and trackset (with overlying new) trails. Temperature stayed a steady minus 13 all afternoon, with continuing light snow. Hwy’s #1 and 40 in reasonable winter driving condition, in my opinion.”

 If you want deep powder, go to Mt. Shark:

“Expect to be breaking trail or find skier-set track in close to 50 cm of snow which fell from Jan. 28th to this morning; it now covers the midweek grooming and tracksetting.”


“We suspect he was the trigger (for the avalanche). . . . He was caught in it and carried down and pushed up against a tree, where he was buried up to his armpits…” Read more in the Herald Slide traps K-Country skier


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  1. Hello. I finally commented on Shark last week and within mentioned that Mt Shark is groomed Wednesday nights. I just wanted to let you know there is a schedule change for just this week and it will be groomed Thursday night instead, fresh for Friday. Enjoy all the sweet spring skiing still to come…

  2. Skied Mt. Shark Green Loop today, Feb 26, 2011. Great conditions, although on the skier-set section, relying on your poles is apt to leave you out of the tracks and struggling to regain your feet! We had a fantastic time, once we abandoned our maps (trying to get to Shark Lake) and just followed the Green Loop signs instead.

  3. Thanks Tim for tracksetting confed….it is much appreciated and a real time saver on a busy weeknight!


  4. PLPP Saturday Jan 29th:

    Biggest problem was parking! We ended up in the William Watson Lodge lot, not having a big truck or SUV. There must have been 40 cm of fresh, soft fluffy stuff, which was absolutely beautiful, but it took us over 4 hours to ski 16 km, finishing the last km in the dark!

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