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You know that snow conditions have been good when I reach 1000K this early in the ski season. The variety of trails with good snow has been about as good as I’ve ever seen. With all that good snow everywhere, I hadn’t spent much time in PLPP so it was time to get re-acquainted. Making up for lost time, we’ve had three glorious days of skiing there in the best conditions of the winter.

After Cheryl took the above photo as I came down the hill on Lynx, I decided to wait for the family of skiers who were behind us in order to get a few action shots as they made their way down.(Click on any photo to see a larger version)

Nathanya shows no fear as she races down Lynx at full speed.

Who doesn’t enjoy watching kids speeding down a fast hill, as though shot from a cannon? Al, Kim and their two young daughters Nathanya and Abby were enjoying the beautiful day and good conditions in PLPP. 

Now here comes dad.

It snowed overnight in PLPP, about 2 cm at lower elevations and about 5 cm at the top of Whiskey Jack. The tracks were all skied-in by the time we hit the trails, though, and while a little slower than Saturday, nothing to complain about.

Abby makes it look easy.

The big snowfall in the forecast hasn’t materialized…yet. We’ve received only about 5 cm so far in Canmore.

Mom finally makes her apppearance.

Just a reminder about the contest,  we’ll be putting all the names in a hat and drawing a winner tonight at 10 pm. Deadline for entering is 9 pm. I will be sad to see this end, because the comments have been so interesting, and the response overwhelming.

Nice scenery from Woolley trail. Feb 6, 2011

Waxable vs waxless skis

I notice a lot of searches are looking for information on waxless vs waxable skis. We have this discussion at least once per season, so if anyone wants to give an opinion, please leave a comment. We used our waxless skis on Friday when the conditions were more suitable for them: moist, fresh snow. On Sat and Sun when the snow was colder, it was much faster on our waxable skis. There is a certain amount of convenience with waxless skis, and if that’s what it takes to get you started skiing, then I’m all in favour of them.

It took a lot of trial and error(and cursing) on my waxable skis, trying to get the wax right in all the varying conditions. Sometimes it’s impossible.


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  1. Well done Bob. At this rate you might even reach 2000k this season! Many years ago we got into tandem bicycle riding. I still remember when we “crossed” the 1000 km that spring. What a feeling!

  2. Congratulations Bob! Nice work …sucks to live in Canmore I see! ; )


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