Diamond dust

Something interesting always seems to appear on the ski trail. We skied the Tyrwhitt loop in PLPP today, one of my favourites.

A few cm of fresh snow on Whiskey Jack. Feb 9, 2011

Climbing Whiskey Jack(well, not in the above photo; we’re on one of the rare flatter stretches there). Whiskey Jack gains about 200m elevation over 4.3K.

Whiskey Jack within 200m of the top. Feb 9, 2011

Nice views in the above photo as we near the top of Whiskey Jack. If you want a closer view of the mountain, click on the photo 🙂

So far this year, we’ve been making the left turn at the top and heading down Pocaterra. Today it was finally time to go right…

Lots of fresh snow on Tyrwhitt. Feb 9, 2011

Skiing through the meadows of Tyrwhitt was as beautiful and peaceful as ever. Heavenly.

Could have used green wax. The temp at the Boulton Creek trailhead was -8, but up higher my nose was telling me that it was closer to -15. I stopped at the picnic bench on Tyrwhitt to don some warmer clothes, as I knew we would soon be descending on Elk Pass.

Tyrwhitt trail...the final 50m to Elk Pass. Feb 11, 2011

After 9K of slow-going through fresh snow, we arrived at Elk Pass and were thrilled to see…

New tracksetting on Elk Pass...sprinkled with diamond dust. Feb 9, 2011

All downhill from here. I hated to break the momentum, but I just had to stop and take a few more photos along Elk Pass…

Descending Elk Pass on perfect tracks. Wow. Feb 9, 2011

As if it wasn’t fun enough already, what more could we ask for  to make our day even better? Arriving at Fox Creek we could see new tracks there as well….

Fox Creek bridge. Feb 9, 2011

One of the best things about this loop is the amazing variety you ski through in only 18K. Fox Creek is a dramatic change from the wide trails up to now. It meanders single-track through forest which you could reach out and touch. In this direction, it’s slightly downhill and more enjoyable than you could imagine on the good snow and tracks.

It goes by way too quickly.

We did the homestretch on Moraine which was also in excellent shape…

Moraine trail. Less than 1K to go. Feb 9, 2011

Lots of carnage on the highway between the Stoney-Nakoda casino and Canmore. A semi-trailer overturned in the ditch, and a Jeep on its side at the Lac des Arcs curve. Be careful.

Sunset over Lac des Arcs. Feb 9, 2011


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  1. Couln’t agree more – a wonderful day! We skied Elk Pass/Blueberry Hill/Fox Creek and Boulton Creek, all on pristine tracksetting, and hardly anyone around – great! Today we skied Ribbon Creek/Terrace/Aspen/Kovach – again all in superb condition, the best we’ve seen there in a long time.

  2. I was out yesterday as well and did the same loop you did except in reverse. In fact a believe I almost took out Cheryl as I was coming down Whiskey Jack! The snow was great, trails were quiet. That was the first time I did Tyrwhitt and Whiskey Jack, I will be back!

  3. Love the photos. And the trails look wonderful.

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