Dogs at West Bragg: round 2

It didn’t take long for the controversy to re-appear. This email was sent to me and the CBC:

Good morning
It was nice to hear Bob Truman on the ski report this morning giving some exposure to or great cross country skiing areas.  It’s unfortunate that he chose the CBC ski report to present his agenda with respect to dogs in West Bragg Creek.   Bob suggested that West Bragg is a good place to let your dogs “run”.  This is not the case.  The Parks recommend that dogs be leashed at all times anywhere on the trail system.  They must be leashed in the parking lot of West Bragg and on Mountain road trail.  Here is the link to the K- country site that gives the permitted activities in West Bragg Creek:
West Bragg creek is a ski area and not a dog park as Bob presented on the radio this morning. 
Fraser Judd

Here is my reply:

If you actually listened to what I said, you’d have heard that I repeated the rules as they are stated in K-Country’s guidelines. Dogs are permitted to run off-leash on the West Bragg Creek ski trails. K-Country “recommends” that they be on a leash. “Recommend” and “required” are two completely different things. I do not make up the rules, so don’t shoot the messenger. If you don’t like the rules, take it up with K-Country. Dogs are required to be on leash in the West Bragg Creek parking lot.

I have no agenda. My purpose is to make it clear to everyone what the rules are.

I was so excited to hear Bob talk about the real dog rules at Bragg Creek this morning. It was so surprising and unexpected in this age of rules and more rules that I thought I might have mis-heard him so came to this site to check. I would love to have a place to ski (or hike) with my dog while he runs…. and of course I will be responsible, pick up after him, etc. etc.

I can appreciate some folks may not like it, but to be fair they have all the trails in all the National and Provincial parks, all the trails in Wildland Parks, in Recreation areas, all the trails within towns and cities to choose from where dogs are leashed or many cases not allowed at all. Nice to have a FEW less rule-bound areas.



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  1. Hello everyone:
    My husband and his constant companion (sadly, not me today) Bob (the dog) headed out for a very enjoyable day at Bragg Creek. In defense of everyone, I feel that the rules stated on the signs are rather ambiguous and need to be stated more clearly by the powers that be. Bob (the dog) is leashed at all times in Bragg Creek not because he does not listen, but because we thought it was the rules and we like to follow rules. However, my husband met a few people on the trail that had their dogs off leash. Youthful exuberance (the dog’s, not my husband’s) ran ahead of their owners and managed to knock my husband over in the excitement of seeing Bob (understandable) but which caused a bit of confusion between the dog owner that has his dog on leash and the one (my husband) that does not. Any properly trained dog that runs by his master’s side,oblivious to anything but the joy of the outdoors around him,is a pleasure to see and can easily be off leash, however, on the other hand, a dog that requires a little more training is a potential hazard to skiers on the trail. This issue takes common sense. If your dog is not under your complete control at all times, please leash him/her. If your dog is, then there should be no problem with anyone. Rules be damned. Let’s just use our heads.

  2. I cannot agree more with Shane. I would like to add that although there are those who complain about this issue, there are many more of those who support it and appreciate all the information that you post on your blog. On behalf of all new comers to the area, huge Thank you.

  3. Bob, unfortunately there is no pleasing everyone and really I suspect those that complain about dogs would find something else to complain about.
    Probably best to let sleeping dogs lie and just focus on the positives of people using West Bragg Creek respectfully and to enjoy the experience.
    Personally for me it means enjoying the outdoors with my dog while respecting others.
    Keep up the good work and hopefully those that gripe and groan at least donate either time or money to the volunteers who maintain the fantastic trails at West Bragg Creek.

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