Storm warning in effect

We received about 6-8 cm of snow in Canmore last night, and there’s still lots to come according to the forecasts for Banff and Kananaskis:

Today:     5 – 10 cm
Tonight:  15 -25 cm
Mon:       10 – 20 cm
(those amounts are subject to whichever forecast you believe)

It looks like most of the trails were groomed and trackset at the Canmore Nordic Centre this morning.

PLPP reports only 1 cm at the Visitor centre, so the trails should still be in great shape there. They may have received more at higher elevations.

Barrier Visitor Centre reports about 8 cm of new snow, so you could expect close to that at Ribbon Creek.   It doesn’t appear that Yoho received much snow, and there’s only 2 – 4 cm in the forecast for today.

I’ll be looking forward to updates from readers. Let us know what you discovered today.


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  1. Pity we didn’t overlap Bob, we too enjoyed incredible conditions today at PLPP. We skiied the Half-Cookie route, -8 at Pocaterra at 2pm, so the Swix Blue Special worked like a charm all the way around. A skiff of snow on the trails made for perfect glide and grip, the only addition that would have made for a perfect ski would have been a bit more sunshine. I can’t wait to see the trails get a good grooming after this new snowfall.

  2. After all the fun we had on Saturday, we returned to PLPP and did similar trails again today. 2 cm of new snow over Whiskey Jack at the trailhead, but about 5 cm at the top. Slowed us down a little, but conditions were still great. I have now logged 1000 Kilometres(that’s all winter, not just today!)

    I’ll get some photos on tomorrow. Going out to celebrate now!!

  3. Skied the Moose Loop at West Bragg Creek today and conditions were fabulous (for me this means lots of snow, beautiful trees and neat clouds, happy people and friendly, well-behaved dogs…)! Had some fun breaking trail in the one section from the gate off of Mountain Road to the Telephone Loop ski out. The rest of the trail was groomed (not trackset) which was just fine by me! Thank you to the grooming crew for making my day easier. Parking lot was full all day and lots of people were out ranging from kids, dogs, newbies, racers, chariots, snowshoers…everyone seemed to be having fun! A great day of skiing.

  4. Hi Bob,

    Ribbon Creek has a good cover of new snow (~ 8cm as you said) with no track setting done yet…..beautiful but a little on the slow side. It will be pretty much up to the best skiing anywhere once some tracks are set.

    Jason Rusu

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