Update #2 from Molly-Jane

Our Adopt-a-Skier sounds like she’s been having a lot of fun(and success) this winter. Here’s the latest update:

Molly Jane, SkiHere.ca's Adopt-a-Skier

January was a very busy month for me.  I did lots and lots of skiing.  My first race in January was the bow corridor skating sprints at COP.  This is my very favourite race – skating sprints.  I was really pushed by my friends as they are also so fast!  In the end I finished 1st for Midget girls – I really earned this win.

My other race in January was in Edmonton at the AB Cup race.  I did a skating distance race – 3.75km.  The trails were really hilly in Edmonton.  I really went for it right from the start as the trails were mostly downhill at the beginning.  At 2km I was one second in front of my friend Lauren  – that was really close.  I went for it on my last climb to try to get farther in front of Lauren, and I really had a strong finish.  In the end Lauren still somehow managed to edge me out by 1.7 seconds.  I was proud of my race, and happy for Lauren.  A really great part of the day was all of the Canmore girls finishing 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th in midget girls.  What a team!

Lots of big races coming up in February – AB Youth Champs in Vermilion and Westerns in Kelowna.  These are my two big race weekends of the whole season.  I’ll let you know how I do in my next report. 

Enjoying skiing and racing!

Molly-Jane Strum

It snowed off and on all day today in Canmore. We have an accumulation of about 8 cm of cold, powdery snow. I may not be getting much exercise from skiing, but I’m making up for it with shovelling. My driveway is very l-o-n-g.

With the cool temps here, this should make for the best conditions of the season once it’s groomed.

Cheryl and I are co-ordinating a ski trip this Sunday to PLPP. Ski Trip

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