Wedge Pond area

Beautiful new grooming today on the Wedge Connector, Bill Milne, and Evan-Thomas Fire Road.

Wedge Connector with new grooming and tracks. Feb 22, 2011

If you’d like to experience some different trails in the Kananaskis Village area, stop at Wedge Pond sometime and ski these easy and fun trails.

The groomer at the Wedge Connector/Bill Milne intersection. Feb 22, 2011

There’s been tons of new snow since they were last groomed, so Jeff was out working on them today, making numerous passes to get them packed well enough to set a track.

Animal tracks on the Bill Milne trail. Feb 22, 2011

One of the neat things about skiing on fresh grooming is the possibility of seeing animal tracks. Any idea who made the tracks in the above photo? We had been over this section of trail only 20 minutes earlier, and there were no tracks, so the animal was close by. Here’s another look:

Animal track on the Bill Milne trail. Feb 22, 2011

The Bill Milne trail runs all the way from the Wedge Connector to the Ribbon Creek parking lot, and sometimes it’s groomed all the way up to the village(10.2K). The warm spell we had a while back created ice flows and open water, so that’s why it hasn’t been groomed for a spell.

The Bill Milne trail near the Mt Kidd RV Park. No tracks on here yet as it was soft and still required more packing. Feb 22, 2011

We skied on Bill Milne across the highway and through the Mt. Kidd RV Park. I’m not sure, but that might be the first time I’ve ever done that section of trail. If there’s any downside to these trails, it’s the numerous road crossings where you have to remove your skis.

New tracksetting and grooming on Evan-Thomas Fire Road. This section of trail has numerous hikers, climbers, and snowshoers using it as an access trail. Feb 22, 2011

The 1.7K section of Evan-Thomas Fire Road from Evan-Thomas parking lot to the bridge is usually covered with tracks from hikers, climbers and snowshoers who use it as an access trail. I’m okay with the grooming being walked on, but inevitably, a large group will walk four abreast with someone walking in the ski tracks.

If you’re looking for the grooming report on these trails, check the Ribbon Creek and Wedge Pond trails on the Kananaskis Trail Report. The Wedge Connector would be a marvellous trail for beginner skiers to practice on.

Jeff and Bob in the Pisten-Bully. Feb 22, 2011

Jeff invited me to sit in the driver’s seat of the Pisten-Bully and showed me the controls, then took me for a spin as he set track. There’s a myriad of things to do as you’re setting track: First and foremost, staying on the trail and between the trees; all the while you’re dropping/lifting the tracksetter on the left and right depending on the terrain; ensuring that you have the proper pressure which is dependent on the snow pack; using the blade to pull more snow onto the trail; and a number of other functions which he was doing with the ease and ability of someone who has plenty of experience and knowledge. It was a treat to see the operation of this intricate machine close-up.

Growing up on a farm, I drove a tractor around the field, pulling an implement for whatever procedure we were doing at the time; summerfallowing, baling hay, harvesting. I wish my dad had been a snow farmer.

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