West Bragg and Shaganappi

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Before we get started, I want to take a minute to thank everyone for the reports, photos, and comments.  The XC skiing community is highly appreciative of the up-to-date information from all contributors. West Bragg and Shaganappi are two of the most popular locations for which Calgarians are seeking information, and here we have the latest from both those venues… 
The rolling Hostel Loop is one of the least busy trails at West Bragg. Feb 9, 2011. Photo by Alf Skrastins

West Bragg Creek

Hi Bob,

I was at West Bragg Creek on Wednesday and enjoyed fabulous conditions there. I counted over 60 vehicles in the parking lot, just before noon… an amazing number of skiers for the middle of the week! The temperature was just -3 under a sunny sky, when we started and it warmed to -1 by the time we returned.

We skied some of the sunnier trails on the north side of the trail system. We started with a quick tour around the Hostel Loop and then took the Mountain Road to the Moose Loop and returned via the Crystal Line trail.

The sunny east half of the Moose Loop trail at West Bragg. Feb 9, 2011. Photo by Alf Skrastins

It appears that this area received a good dose of new snow from the Monday snow storm. The Greater Bragg Creek Trails Association volunteers got right onto the trails and did an excellent job of grooming all of the loops that we skied. I’ve rarely seen better conditions on some of these trails!

I noted that there will be a fun ski loppet event this Sunday, February 13 at the West Bragg Creek trails. Proceeds from the event go towards supporting continued trail grooming of these nice trails.

Alf Skrastins


Shaganappi Golf Course was trackset on Feb 8

Hi all XC Skiing enthusiasts

Here is the latest Shaganappi snow & trail report:

During the melt-down, some puddles (perhaps 2 metres in diameter) developed in a few low spots on the trail which then froze to form ice. Then came some 10 cm of snow to cover the ice. Beware of the unexpected ice and the risk of accidents.

Pray for more snow and fewer Chinooks with their warm weather and risk of strong winds!

Alasdair Fergusson
Coordinator Tracksetting 1993 – Present

Shaganappi trail report

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  1. Hi Bob: Skied Telephone and Moose Loops on a beautiful Thursday afternoon. The sun was trying to break through with the temp. around +5C at Noon cooling slightly to +2C when I returned. Used red special over old purple which worked pretty good. A little windy but it was hardly noticeable when skiing thru the trees. The trails are in fabulous condition as described by Alf above. The Telephone Loop is just skier trackset but is in the best condition that I’ve ever encountered on it. Took out my new skis and did not have to worry at all about rocks,weeds,tree debris,icy or bare patches which are the norm for this trail.
    Keep up the good work. Tom

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