West Bragg Creek

Iron Springs trail at West Bragg Creek. Feb 25, 2011. Photo courtesy of Steve Riggs

Hi Bob,

I skied Sundog-Elbow-Iron Springs-Crystal Line at West Bragg on Friday afterwork, on a mix of skier-set and freshly trackset trails.

Trail conditions range from good to excellent after about 8 cm of snow during the week, the cold soft snow was a bit of a challenge- minimal grip yet slow glide.

With some time for the grooming to set up overnight, warmer temperatures for Saturday, and hopefully further tracksetting on all of the trails, it should be a great weekend at West Bragg.

Steve Riggs

Alberta…Home of the free

…. free cross country skiing that is.

I just returned from a trip to Whistler and thought I would try out the cross country ski trails as there was so much snow with nice temperatures just below zero. I skied the Lost Lake area and it was delightful, all except for the cost which was $18 to ski the trails, with an additional $30 to rent crummy skis. I appreciated my own skis much more after renting.

Let’s be grateful that we can ski for free in the most beautiful terrain!


A reminder to all skiers that the Cookie Race is happening in PLPP tomorrow. The parking lot at Pocaterra will be packed with vehicles very early.

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