Calgarian on podium at world masters in Vernon

Before we get started, if you are a regular reader of this blog, you’ll have seen Blaine Penny’s name a few times, mostly because he’s winning races and making  great videos for us. There’s more to this story, however. Blaine’s little boy… Read more

Kirk Howell and Blaine Penny from Team MitoCanada

Blaine sends this report from the World Masters:

Team MitoCanada on the Podium – Kirk Howell Finishes 3rd in 30 km Skate Race

It didn’t take long for Kirk’s engrained race instincts to kick in as he chased down the top Europeans in the opening 30 km skate race today. There was a field of about 35 people in the M2 (35-40) age group with almost perfect conditions for the start at -6 and overcast skies.

The rest of the group had a good ski today as well. There was defintiely stiff competition, with places 4 to 11 in the M2 age group being separated by a mere 25 seconds or so! Jeff Krarr from Calgary also had an excellent ski and managed to crack the top 10.

Calgarian Kirk Howell wins a bronze medal at the World masters in Vernon, BC. Mar 5, 2011

Team MitoCanada is an informal team, and just a group of friends who decided skiing in the World Master’s Cup would be a fun week to spend with the boys, good motivation to step up the fitness level and a great way to raise awareness about Mitochondrial Disease for the not-for-profit group, MitoCanada. The team consists of Brendan McCracken, Kirk Howell, Miles Tindal, Marg Fedyna and Blaine Penny.

Tomorrow is a day off for our group and the next race is the 10 km classic race on Monday.

A nice afternoon beer in the hot tub really makes it feel like vacation!

Thanks to Blaine for that report, and congratulations to Kirk! Good luck in the 10K.

SkiTrax has a story Masters world cup 2011 – Day 1 (that’s Kirk in the first photo)

See full results Zone 4

Members of Team MitoCanada in Vernon, BC at the World masters ski races

Don’t forget about the Lake Louise loppet on Sunday at 11 a.m. The weather’s a lot nicer out here in the mountains…the forecast is calling for sunshine and a high of -5 in Lake Louise. You can register between 9:00 and 10:15 a.m. for a 10K or a 20K race. I won’t be there, so I hope someone can give us a report. More info

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