Cascade Fire Road; Canmore; PLPP

Cascade Fire Road. Mar 13, 2011. Photo by Nicholas Roeder

Cascade Fire Road

Hi Bob,

I skied Cascade Fire Road today and considering the really warm temperatures when I started, the trail was in pretty good shape. The track itself alternated between soft and icy.

Waxless skis did pretty well, except on the icy parts. I saw a lot of people skating and that looked like a good choice – no wax issues and the skating lane in the middle was in good condition.


Jeannie McBroom sent the following:


Just wanted to let everybody know that it is still very easy to access 99% of the trails us general public skiers would ever want to ski at the Canmore Nordic Centre while the Nationals are on.

You just need to go to the snow bridge below Trail Sports to start . Most of the events are up on the Olympic and Centennial Trails.

It is great to watch all the racers demonstrate their good technique in the stadium and while warming up. They just ski around you.WIth the huge health problems in this country due to obesity and inactivity it is so inspiring to see over 650 teens and young adults totally immersed in fitness and enjoying the outdoors.


Also hit up Elk Pass, Bluebery Hill, Trywhitt and Whiskey Jack this weekend. Great conditions!

Still wintery up top, with good hard wax conditions (-1 to_6) but very spring like down below and icy on some of the Whiskey Jack corners.A good double poling workout on Fox Creek and Morraine.

Unfortunately the snowshoers are not adhering to the suggested etiquette or trail use signage. If the same happens with most of the snowshoers, then all the painstaking efforts that the authorities have taken to place the signage, so meticulously, would go down the drain. You’d understand this if you were to pry for more info about the importance of signage. 

Saw 8 today on designated XC trails, including 2 side by side on Blueberry Hill, leaving marks that will make descending a chore when they freeze up.

Stronger and larger signage is needed.

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