Idyllic blissful heavenly paradise

If only it could be like this everyday

Terrace trail. Mar 2, 2011

I could be accused of being too generous with the superlatives, but I’ve never seen the trails around Kananaskis Village and Ribbon Creek this good. What’s better than excellent? That’s how it was today.

Aspen trail. Mar 2, 2011

If it was light out right now, I’d still be skiing. New tracks, cold snow, everything was perfect.

The snow bombs were falling from the trees, creating a magical, mystical atmosphere to ski through(unless one of them falls down your neck, then it's not so great!)

My original plan was to ski at PLPP when I heard they had a temperature of -1 while it was -18 here in Canmore, but I stopped at Ribbon Creek on the way and got sidetracked when I saw the new grooming.

I ran into Jeff and the Pisten-Bully as I was climbing to the Kovach Lookout. Jeff said the snow temp and moisture content was optimal for grooming and tracksetting today. Mar 2, 2011

Although the thermometer said -12, it sure didn’t seem that cold, and when you reached the higher elevations, it was probably closer to -2.

Terrace trail with a skating lane on the side. Mar 2, 2011

When skiing these trails, I generally start on Ribbon Creek, but for some variety I started up the hill on Terrace. My skis still had the Cookie Race wax and it was working perfectly, grip and glide. I don’t think I had to herringbone once today, not even going up to the Kovach Lookout.

Ribbon Creek trail. Mar 2, 2011

Terrace to the Village, Kovach, Aspen, up to the Kovach Lookout, down the delightful S-turns in the best snow ever, and when I reached the junction with Aspen I did the loop all over again, taking Aspen, Kovach to the Lookout, then back down Kovach to the Village with lots more of those S-turns, Terrace, Terrace Link, finally ending with that fast downhill on Terrace to the parking lot. Did you follow that? I didn’t ski on Ribbon Creek, other than to go out a few metres to take the photo.

A late afternoon view from the Kovach Lookout. Mar 2, 2011

Unfortunately, a strong wind had come up just as I was finishing. I hope it doesn’t blow too much debris onto the trails. With the Village being right there, the trails usually get walked on a lot. I was lucky to hit it on a perfect day.

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  1. Thanks for the tip on this area. My wife & I checked it out today for the first time and had one of the best days in our new found (started this winter) brilliant recreational hobby of Nordic skiing.

    Really enjoy the website and all the great reports and updates.

    Keep on plowing!

    Were the tracks skied-in when you arrived, or did you have to break trail? -Bob

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