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Hello Bob,

We went to Ribbon Creek today. 2-3 cm of fresh snow covering the old tracks made it quite pretty with all the trees covered in snow. The Swix purplish-red wax (-1 to +2) worked reasonably well for the first 2 hours. It was overcast and snowing lightly. We went to the end of the groomed Ribbon Creek trail, up Link and Kovack, down to Terrace. That’s where the fun stopped! We could hardly move forward on the flat section of Terrace so we pushed ourselves back to Aspen, down Link and Ribbon Creek. Decent glide going down but no grip to be had with our wax. The sun had made a few appearances by then and the beginning of Ribbon Creek trail was getting mushy. Anyway, three hours of skiing in late March is better than nothing!


PLPP – Pocaterra, Lookout

Stephen Vermeulen sent the following photos and report:
(click on photo to see the larger image, especially if you want to see the mailbox which is almost buried)

Kananaskis Fire Lookout. Mar 27, 2011. Photo by Stephen Vermeulen

Kananaskis Fire Lookout. Mar 27, 2011. Photo by Stephen Vermeulen

I skied Pocaterra up to Lookout on Sunday (27-Mar), the tracks were in great shape. There was some glazing in the lower areas due to the warm temperatures the previous day, but once you got past Lynx most of that stopped. Attached are some views from the top of Lookout, there’s a lot of nice snow up there now (I love how the mail box is almost buried).

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