The ultimate


 Today may have been the best conditions we’ve ever seen on Tyrwhitt and Hydroline. No spring-like conditions here. This was winter – at its very best.

Hydroline. Mar 18, 2011

Tyrwhitt trail. Those are canid tracks running along the side. Mar 18, 2011

It was absolutely fantastic on the south trails of PLPP – Whiskey Jack, Tyrwhitt, Elk Pass, Hydroline, Patterson, Blueberry, Fox Creek and Boulton Creek. The air temperature was +1 when we started at Boulton around 3:30. The snow was cold, however, and blue wax was giving good grip. The snow temperature on Tyrwhitt was -7.

Whiskey Jack. Mar 18, 2011

Whiskey Jack had some fresh snow but it wasn’t a problem. Still had good tracks and it would have been easy descending. The only place where there was even a hint of icy tracks was on the extremely steep section of Whiskey Jack which faces south; about 10 metres, just enough to give you a good launch if you’re going down. Fox Creek and Boulton Creek had a few tight corners scraped bare, but still just a minor inconvenience.  

Tyrwhitt trail. Mar 18, 2011

We saw brand new tracksetting on Lookout which looked very inviting(not indicated on the trail report yet). If it snows like it says in the forecast, it’ll be a shame to have all this incredible tracksetting covered up. Lookout is one trail, though, where I don’t mind having a a couple cm of fresh snow for descending. We feel really fortunate to have been able to experience this today.

Tyrwhitt trail. Mar 18, 2011

Wolf or coyote? Mar 18, 2011

The animal marked its territory here. I'm pretty sure it was a wolf. Mar 18, 2011

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