Elk Pass, Blueberry Hill

A crowd of happy skiers at the Elk Pass/Blueberry Hill junction enjoying the spring skiing. Apr 9, 2011

The early-morning grooming was in excellent condition yesterday at PLPP. We didn’t get started ’til 1 pm, but the snow was still cold enough for our wax to work as we started up the big hill on Elk Pass.(Click on the photo to see a larger image).

Suzanne and Leslie on Elk Pass. Apr 9, 2011

Other people had taken advantage of the day-old tracksetting on Boulton Creek, Moraine, and Fox Creek, and started out at the Boulton Creek parking lot. The snow in the trees is well-protected from the sun. We ended our ski by returning on Fox Creek around 4 pm, and the snow was in better shape than on Elk Pass by that time of day.

10 more metres to the top of Blueberry Hill. Apr 9, 2011

Blueberry Hill was in excellent condition, but our grip was becoming marginal as we approached the top. The trip back down was as enjoyable as I’ve ever experienced.

Blueberry Hill's resident Whiskey Jack. Apr 9, 2011

Before we resumed skiing up Elk Pass, we had to apply some stickier wax. The sun-exposed areas of the trail were now becoming wet, and grip was marginal at best. Shaded areas were still fine. The remainder of the trip was mostly downhill, so it wasn’t too much of an issue.

Patterson. Apr 9, 2011

From the top of Elk Pass we started back down on Hydroline, then turned left at the Patterson junction which had also been freshly trackset. Patterson is 1K of fast and fun downhill back to Elk Pass.

Fox Creek. Apr 9, 2011

The only concern on Fox Creek was near the turn-off from Elk Pass. About 100 metres in, the trail is very icy for a 20-metre downhill section that gets exposed to the sun. We were able to ski it, but it will only get progressively icy in coming days.


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  1. This email came in today:

    Subject: The power of the blog…


    Readers of your blog will remember a recent comment/question from a skier from St-Paul asking what the conditions were like in K-country. He received good advice from Jody and he drove over 6 hours to enjoy our great spring skiing. A keen skier to say the least. We met him on Saturday at the top of Blueberry Hill and he was very happy to be there, and so were we!

    Looking forward to another season of great condition reports on your blog. Thank you for doing that!


  2. I thought I recognized you guys in the parking lot as I left. (I think the skis gave you away from the pictures I see of them here!) I surprised myself by making it to Blueberry hill and back to the car by 12:30. Usually I’m coaxing my daughter and wife down a bunny hill without them screaming, this time went up on my own, had a great day with lots of fast downhills.

    Yes, we were there about that time. -Bob

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