It’s a losing battle

Skate-skiers on classic trails

The person in the above photo became very belligerent today when I suggested there are more appropriate places to skate.

His reply: “What are ya gonna do about it? Do you own this place?”

As long as we have selfish and inconsiderate people, this problem will persist. In other words, we’re stuck with it. I sometimes think the only way to solve this problem is to make it socially unacceptable. Remember when smokers used to light up anywhere? That doesn’t happen anymore.

Will bigger signs help? I doubt it. People who are full of themselves simply don’t care.

Damage to the tracks caused by the skater. Apr 3, 2011

That chunk of snow in the tracks will be ice-hard tomorrow.

Here’s a comment from someone who’s encountered skaters for two days in a row:

Yes, the PLPP trails are paid for by all tax payers. This does not give skater the right to ski there. Only in cold frozen conditions do skate skiers cause little damage to the trails. Most skate skiers knows that it is better suited to warmer conditions when glide is at it’s best, and waxing is at it’s most challenging. When the temps are warmer,as they were this weekend, one skate skier can create alot of damage to a trail. Chunks of warm snow are knocked into the track on every stride that crosses the track. These chunks set up and make classic strides difficult. I often hear the argument that stepping in and out of the track creates as much damage. A classic skier is stepping in and out of the track very infrequently as compared to every stride of a skate skier. The cumulative damage is far greater by the skate skier. My comment to anyone that skate skis on the PLPP trails is to think about other skiers, not just themselves. It is plain and simply inconsiderate.

I encourage all classic skiers to continue to enlighten those seen skate skiing in PLPP as to the effects of their actions. This, plus the parks making a stronger ‘suggestion’ in their signage can hopefully reduce the frequency of this irritating situation.

If you want to read more in the ongoing saga, there are 17 comments on this post from Feb 7: Skating on classic trails

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