Rummel Lake Hike

Another stop along the Spray Lakes road will take you to an impressive lake with only a 400m elevation gain and a distance of 5K one way. In addition to the lake itself, you pass a beautiful cascading Rummel creek(click to see video), and the final K is full of excellent features including wildflower meadows.

It was a sunny day when Tessa and I made our trip, and the first couple of Ks were mostly in the hot sun. I stopped a couple times in the occasional bit of shade to give Tessa a drink and have a short rest. The upside, of course, is that you get some excellent views.

The trail goes back into the trees for a couple K, then all the interesting features start to appear. On two occasions there are cascades on Rummel creek which are magnificent.

At one point, you need to walk about 40 metres on a narrow ledge above the creek. A little bit of danger always adds to the excitement. 🙂

The trailhead for this hike is across the road from Mt Engadine Lodge, which is located at the corner of the Mt. Shark access road.

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