Lake Louise, Boom Lake

All  is good at Lake Louise. Despite some warmer weather today(Thur), the snow on Moraine Lake road has not deteriorated. I also skied up and down the Upper Tramline. If the Moraine Lake road trailhead parking is full, you can park up at the Chateau and ski the 1.7K to MLR trailhead. It’s advertised in brochures and maps as 1.6K, but my GPS indicated 1.68.

The snow temperature was -1, with fresh snow in the tracks, and the odd flurry. That presented some challenges with grip waxing. Cheryl wasn’t along, so I had to make do with the meagre selection of waxes in my own wax kit.

I used Toko yellow for -2 and warmer. It performed adequately, but I slipped a lot. If I had waxed any stickier, it would have clumped on the bottom of my skis, and that’s even worse.  Going up the hill gave my upper body a strenuous workout.  I should have taken my waxless ski, perfect day for them. It was slow anyway.

Tracks on the Great Divide – coming soon

Don’t hold me to it, but there’s a good chance we’ll see tracks on the Great Divide(1A Hwy) within the next day or two. There’s snow in the forecast, and a couple cm of new snow had already accumulated.

Boom Lake

I drove up to the Boom Lake trailhead on the way home and walked out about 300 metres along the trail. I’m not much of a backcountry skier, but it looked skiable. In fact, there were already some ski tracks which had been covered with fresh snow. No doubt there’s the odd hidden rock waiting to scratch your skis. I’ve posted a couple photos.

I won’t be skiing tomorrow, and maybe not Saturday, so I hope skiers will leave  comments on the “Trip Reports” page.

I’ve made a change to the way in which comments appear. The newest comments will appear first. When we start getting a lot of comments on the “Trip Reports” page, it will be a lot more convenient to start at the top and read the most recent ones.


Today, I actually had to yell “track,” to avoid an accident. I was skiing downhill, and a skate-skier was coming towards me in my lane, oblivious to the fact that I was on the trail.  It was a close call. It happened on Tramline. You can watch it

Photos from today

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