Lake Louise – buried in snow

John posted this to the “Trip Reports” page:

“There really was 40 cm of snow at Lake Louise! It didn’t make for good skiing, but once things settle out there should be good snow on all the trails.

At the top of the Moraine Lake Road hill we stopped to turn around. I stepped out of the snowmobile track that we had been skiing in. The snow was just below my knee, and I’m a big guy! I tested with my poles (155 cm), and the snow was 40% up the pole. So, believe it!

It will take a while to pack all that snow, but at least it is there now, and it should give us something to ski on the rest of the winter.”

Tracksetter John sent this one-liner email:

“Now I’ve got something to work with on Fairview and UpperTele tomorrow, if I can get up there.”


Angie was skiing on waxless skis at Canmore Nordic Centre, where the snow was wet today

John’s report has given me some encouragement. Hopefully at 1700 metres elevation(such as MLR and Elk Pass) the snow stayed white and fluffy, and didn’t turn to rain as was the case here in Canmore.

After shoveling my way out, I did finally make it to “work.”  I skied briefly at the nordic centre where the snow was very wet. I did okay on my waxless skis, and with a Herculean effort was able to keep up with Angie who was also on her waxless. There’s more snow and colder weather in the forecast for the mountains.


Paul Karchut from CBC’s Eyeopener starts the “Real Ski Report” tomorrow(Thurs) at around 7:40 a.m. He called today, so I may have a sound clip on there.

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