Overnight improvement

That was the most fun I’ve had at the nordic centre this season. With all due respect to Frozen Thunder, I have to say the trails in the stadium area, and above(Olympic and Centennial), with this year’s snow, are in much better condition. I was pleasantly surprised at the increased number of groomed trails which were added overnight. Although this area has some steep hills, I spent most of my time on them. With blue wax, I was able to climb all the hills with good grip and the fast downhills were easy today. Frozen Thunder seems to be improving every day, too, but it will have to take a back seat to the trails with new snow.

The temperature had warmed up to -7, and there were lots of skiers enjoying the nice day. I talked to a couple from Texas who were on skis for the first time in their life, and were being helped by a local skier. By the end of the day, I observed them skiing around on their own with a great deal of confidence and prowess.

Steve from New Hampshire stopped me on the trail to say hi, and let me know that he has been a regular reader of this blog for two years.

I also talked to a number of people from Calgary who were out for the first time this year. Believe it or not, there are still some skiers out there who haven’t heard about this blog!! 🙂 After all, we’ve made it onto the Calgary Herald’s list of Top Calgary Bloggers.(Skier/blogger? I’m probably a big disappointment in my mom’s eyes who wanted me to be a Baptist preacher!)

Does anyone know if COP in Calgary is open, and how much it costs to ski there? We’ve had a question from a reader wondering about this.

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  1. No they make XC the lowest priority there. In fact last I heard there was still a chairlift laying in the area. Perhaps you could use the power of this blog site in a positive manner to affect there negative attitude to XC skiing.

    I’m out of the loop when it comes to skiing at COP, but if someone would like to write a guest post for the blog regarding this issue, please do so, and send it to me by email. -Bob

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