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Any advice for these SkiHere readers?

Hey Bob,

A colleague forwarded me your blog and reading a few posts seems like I’ve found the right person to ask a few XC skiing. Would you mind answering them? Thank you in advance.

My wife and I (Calgary native) want to start XC skiing this winter, but neither one of have ever done it before. In fact she has never been on skis. Can you point us to a good starting point?




Any idea on when PLPP will be track set.


PS: I love the site and congrats on the new record!

I’ve made some adjustments to the settings on the blog and comments should appear faster. -Bob


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  1. Suddha;
    There are a number of organizations and clubs which offer cross-country ski lessons and that would be a good place to start, as Jennifer has recommended. If you are planning on skiing without taking lessons first, the Canmore Nordic Centre is a good place to try it out. They will soon have a grid in front of the stadium with at least 10 tracks where you can practice.

    A little later in the season, Pocaterra Hut will have a grid with five tracks for practicing, and if you are confident, you can ski down the Pocaterra trail. Start out at a location where there is a daylodge so you can go in and warm up. When you’re new at this, you should always have two pairs of gloves with you. One pair will get wet from all the falling down.

    I don’t think there’s much snow in PLPP yet. Elk Pass is usually skiable by the end of November, but I hope it’s sooner.

  2. I would strongly recommend U of Calgary’s XC ski lessons. My daughter and son-in-law took their beginner class and enjoyed it. You can rent equipment from them too.

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