A great day in PLPP

Update Dec 17: More tracksetting occurred last night in PLPP. Check the trail report.

David and Alissa at the Packers-Pocaterra junction

I did a lot of skiing today in PLPP, most of it on excellent conditions. I started out by climbing Whiskey Jack, then taking that wonderful 10K of downhill on Pocaterra to the hut. The longest downhill stretch, between Packers and Lynx, was fast and fun in the new tracks.

Pocaterra is trackset for 8K, but the snow cover is too thin for tracks as you get near the hut. I’ve included a series of photos showing the snow and trail conditions at various distances from the hut.

I ran into David and Alissa at the Packers junction. They were just on their way down Packers. It has had one snowmobile pass and is skier tracked.

Tyrwhitt was in magnificent condition

I met up with Chip at the hut, and headed by car to Boulton Creek where my vehicle was parked. We decided to ski the Tyrwhitt loop, so once again I got a good workout by climbing Whiskey Jack. The tracksetting is nine days old, but still very good. The only inconvenience on the entire loop was some tree debris on Whiskey Jack and Moraine.

New tracksetting yesterday on the balance of the trails which we skied made for an exceptional final 14K. Tyrwhitt is superb. The remarks on the trail report could leave you thinking that the snow is thin and full of hazards. We saw no evidence of that whatsoever.

We reached hypersonic speeds coming down Elk Pass, but with the excellent snow conditions, I never felt out of control or fearful of doing a faceplant. One of the nice things about getting on the trails before the weekend is that the tracks on the sharp corners are still intact.

The best was yet to come. With such great snow conditions, do we take the big hill on Elk Pass, or meander through the forest on Fox creek? Those new tracks on Fox Creek looked mighty seductive, so we turned right and indeed what a delightful experience it was today. Gradually downhill in the northerly direction, I don’t know how anything could top this. The 1.4K goes by much too fast. 🙂

Moraine has some tree debris, and the downhill will probably be scraped bare by noon tomorrow. There’s a sharp turn at the end of the downhill, so be prepared. I sure hope the warm weather on Saturday won’t reach these trails.

Check the Trip Reports page for some timely updates. It appears that Cascade Valley is still in great shape, but the warm weather is taking its toll on West Bragg Creek.

Calgary golf course ski trails

Received this email:

“Enjoy the Lions park lights by cross country ski! Tracks are machine set at Confederation Park. Thin with rocky sections.”

Alasdair Fergusson of the Calgary Ski Club reports that 7K has been groomed(not trackset) at Shaganappi golf course.

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