Canmore Nordic Centre

I picked the right day to ski at the CNC. With today’s new snow, all the main trails were trackset. That includes Banff Trail, Bow, and Meadowview. It was surprisingly good with just a bit of grass showing periodically.

The only “inconvenience” is the detour. There’s a short section of Banff Trail closed due to snowmaking, so it’s necessary to ski on Coyote for a stretch. On the closed section, there were huge mounds of man-made snow, so I don’t think it will be closed for long. In addition to Banff trail, I checked out Meadowview, Bow, and Flying Squirrel.

Conditions were good on all the trails except Flying Squirrel. This trail can be a lot of fun, with ups and downs, twists and turns. It was still a bit rough, so it needs a little more snow and gooming to live up to its potential as one of the most enjoyable downhills at CNC. I made it down without crashing, but barely.

I see we’ve had two trip reports from West Bragg Creek come in today. It appears that we should see some grooming there this week. Likewise the Ribbon Creek area.

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