Frosty day in Cascade Valley

As you already know from Chuck’s trip report and photos, Cascade Valley was trackset today. We surmised that the new snow would result in some grooming, so we waited ’til later in the day to make an appearance. The tracksetter was leaving just as we were arriving.

Conditions on the paved road have improved considerably

It also gave the temperature some time to warm up(so we thought). It was -10 at the Lake Minnewanka parking lot at 2:30 pm, but once we were deep into the valley, the thermometer on Cheryl’s backpack indicated -15.

Things have improved a lot since my last foray. The first 750 metres on the paved road has tracks, and the meadow was in great shape. The actual trail is in fine condition, and the tracks were very firm for having just been trackset. The skating lane looked a little soft yet.

The trail is groomed and single trackset and in nice shape beyond the campground.

Update Dec 13: The Lake Louise groomers were busy yesterday. The trail report from Banff shows the following were trackset: Moraine Lake road, Great Divide / 1A, Upper & Lower Tramline and Lower Telemark.

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