“Get your butts out here!”

I didn’t ski today, but I see a lot of our readers have been out and have left some enticing reports. I imagine these areas have the best snow right now…

Nancy’s update:

“Spent the last 2 days skiing in Lake Louise and I am in awe as to why there aren’t more people here.  It hasn’t stopped snowing all week.  The track setting teams can’t keep up because as soon as they groom they have to start over again the next day!  Temperature has been hovering around -3C which in my books spells perfection. Yesterday ski’d Moraine Lake Road and Fairview loop and today Peyto, Great Divide and lower Telemark.  All trails had just been track set this morning.  Used V40 Blue Extra both days and was pretty effective except in the short snow blizzard I encountered when I reached the Lake O’Hara Parking lot. Highly recommend you get your b_tts out here.  Tomorrow will try Pipestone and head home.”

Get your butts out here!

You’ll probably see the tracksetter on the Pipestone loops tomorrow. If anyone’s been to the Canmore Nordic Centre, Nancy is wondering how conditions are. I can tell you that we haven’t had any significant snow.

Clive Cordery’s update:

“Skied the Kananaskis Lakes Trails today. The recent tracksetting is covered by up to 20cm new snow (at the top of Blueberry Hill). We started at Boulton and skied Moraine – Fox Creek – Elk Pass – Blueberry Hill. Conditions were quite beautiful, but slow, in the new snow,  its going to be awesome up there this weekend.”

Cheryl phoned me from Pocaterra hut and confirmed what Clive reported. Approx 6-8 cm at the hut, and another skier estimated 20 cm at the top of Elk Pass.

 Thorsten’s update:

“Just back from Emerald Lake where we spent the last three days. We got about 20 cm of fresh snow while we where there, so it’s a beautiful winter wonderland over there right now. The trail around the lake was trackset with a detour across the lake to avoid the avalanche area. There is also a loop trackset on the lake itself that’s excellent for a short workout before breakfast.

Today we skied the Emerald Connector, which wasn’t groomed after last night’s snowfall so we had a good workout breaking trail. There was a sign at Emerald Lake warning about some rough sections on the trail, but we didn’t find anything posing any problems. Maybe the new snow covered those areas.”

It looks like the temperatures are cooling somewhat over the next few days. Although the snow didn’t fall everywhere, we still have a few locations where conditions should be excellent for the weekend.

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