Snow – with a vengeance!

Update Dec 31 @ 10 a.m: The Kananaskis trail report shows that the south end trails were groomed and trackset early this morning, including Elk Pass, Blueberry, Hydroline and Patterson. Happy skiing!

Elk Pass was trackset last night but there was nary a trace of it today. Everything was covered in fresh snow. I’m estimating 40 cm on Elk Pass and about 20 cm at Pocaterra.

Whatever tracksetting gets completed tonight will be fabulous for skiing tomorrow, especially with the cooler weather we now have.

Many skiers on Elk Pass had created a good skier-set track

Canmore received only a skiff of snow, so we had no inkling what surprise lay in store as we set out today. The trail report indicated some new grooming on Elk Pass, Tyrwhitt, Lookout, and Hydroline last night so we were expecting some excellent snow and tracks today.

By the time we arrived at the Elk Pass trailhead at 2 pm, there were good skier-set tracks which we followed to the Blueberry junction, then up Blueberry Hill, where the snow gets even deeper.

On the return, we opted for Fox Creek rather than the big hill, and it was the best part of the entire trip. It had a good skier-set track and was surprisingly fast.

Pocaterra had about 20 cm, and there were many skiers at the hut(see photo). I wish I could tell you what trails will be trackset for tomorrow, but it will be a surprise.

The air temperature today in PLPP was -4, and the snow was at -3. For wax, we used Swix VR45 and had good grip, with almost no clumping.

Happy new year everyone! I’m not sure if I’ll get an opportunity to update the blog tomorrow, so keep those trip reports coming. The Dec Trip Reports page received 118 reports, and has been viewed 5,068 times. Thanks to all the skiers who shared their information.

This blog set a new record yesterday with 1855 views.

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  1. The end of 2011 certainly went out with a bang with the fresh powder snowfalls on the 29th and 30th. Skied from bouillon up whiskey jack on skier set tracks and continued up skier set tyrwhitt where the trees were spectacular draped in all the new snow. As advertised elk pass was fast with the great track setting. Continued down fox creek, moraine, wheeler and meadow to the visitor center with all trails skier set and in the best condition of the year. Happy new year and hoping for a great 2012 for all!

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