Weekend updates

You can read more about the above photo from Steve Riggs on the Trip Reports page. I didn’t get out skiing today, so I’d be interested in hearing where everyone went, and how much new snow has fallen. Leave a comment here or, better yet, on the Trip Reports page. We only received about 3 – 4 cm in Canmore, but it should help the natural snow trails at the nordic centre. How’s West Bragg coming along? I see from the blog stats that a lot of people are searching for information on Shaganappi golf course, too.

K-Country Public Safety twittered “Upslope storm Sat/Sun eve in Kananaskis.  HWY40 region saw 15cm of snow while along the divide only half that much.” I hope Ribbon Creek got some of that.

The old bridge on the Goat Creek trail which was destroyed last summer. Click to see larger image

At one time I thought we’d be going the entire winter without an opportunity to ski Goat Creek, but the Spray River bridge is scheduled to be replaced by Christmas. The Spray River west side is presently closed to skiing to allow for construction equipment. Sure hope we get a big snowfall the day after they finish the work. Goat Creek is one of my favourite trails.

I enjoyed reading the helpful comments that were made on yesterday’s post regarding “What’s in your pack.” I need to update mine, that’s for sure. The cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly and kept in a small plastic container – great idea.

An interesting new development – the skier who was the subject of our infamous  “Track” incident decided to make an appearance on the blog. I exchanged pleasantries with him. You can check it out  Incident – conclusion. Scroll down to the comments. He uses the name “No Bully.” I’m glad he was able to have his say. Pretty sure he’ll be a life-long reader of this blog now.

You’ve no doubt seen the new contest we have going. $450 of gear from Lifesport. That would make a nice Christmas present for someone. I’m hoping to announce another one early this week.

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