Where are you skiing this weekend?

Peter’s trip report from PLPP(Dec 9 at 5:31 pm) covered most of the bases. We were there later on, and I’ll fill in a few extra details.

Some strong winds have blown tree debris onto Whiskey Jack. It’s still not too much of a problem unless it gets stuck in your wax. Tyrwhitt is still in great shape but you’ll see lots of moose tracks. For a stretch of 2K, moose seemed to be everywhere.  They’ve left many post holes in the track but again, not a problem, as your ski just glides over them.

Elk Pass with new tracksetting from last night was superb. Coming down today was easy and fun, even on the steepest hills. We didn’t ski Blueberry, but it’s been trackset most of the way. Patterson and Hydroline were also trackset last night.

I would not recommend skiing on Boulton Creek. This trail has yet to be packed, and many corners have been scraped bare and icy. Unless you’re an expert skier, I think Moraine would be a better choice.

Pocaterra is groomed(not trackset) from the hut to Packers, but there’s new tracksetting from Packers to the Lookout junction.

The Kananaskis trail report is indicating that skiing on Lookout is NOT recommended. I believe that would apply to the south side only. The north side was in great shape when I skied it yesterday.

How is Cascade Valley? Redearth Creek? If anyone’s skied on those trails, we’d love to hear about it.

West Bragg has been packed and we had one report from last weekend saying it was skiable(read the commment below from Mike for an update)

Charles’ trip report from Lake Louise confirms that conditions there are still excellent.

I would surmise that Ribbon Creek/Kananaskis Village trails are still pretty good, too. We didn’t have a lot of warm weather to cause any significant deterioration. See the trip reports for a comment from Tracksetter Jeff regarding Skogan Pass.

Speaking of the Ribbon Creek report, Gord’s comment (Dec 9 at 8:35 pm) is an indication that this blog must have some credibility. It’s a feeling of accomplishment to be recommended by Alberta Tourism, Parks, and Recreation. Your input is a vital part of this blog’s success, so I share that accomplishment with everyone who has left a trip report.

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  1. A second-person report from West Bragg that I heard today was that West Bragg has been rolled and groomed but not set. However, coverage was good and there were no signs of rocks or twigs.

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