Update posted on the Lake Louise to Banff loppet website:

“The stars have aligned, snow has fallen and temperatures are rising. The race is on and it’s going all the way to Banff! Race start is still 8am and all other details remain the same.

Our trail crews will be out frantically setting the last 2 legs of the race over the next few days so keep an eye on the website for course updates as we go.”

I took a drive over to Healy Creek this afternoon. The Banff tracksetter had groomed one side and set a track, and I would guess he groomed the other side on the way back. His truck and trailer were in the parking lot. It was -25.

Fresh snow in the snowmobile tracks at the start of Leg 5.

The corduroy looked good and just deep enough for reasonably good coverage.  When the tracks started on the other side of the bridge, there were a few exposed hazards. It’s skiable, though. There’s more snow in the forecast, however, so it might be in even better shape by Sunday. It’s a gazilion times better than what we had four days ago.

The weather forecast for Sunday looks ideal right now, with a low of -8 in Lake Louise on Saturday night and a high of -3 in Banff on Sunday.

I see a lot of new names on the registration confirmation list. I can guarantee that you’re in for a great experience, especially if you’re doing the entire 71K solo. Something unknown always rears it’s head during this race. I wonder what it will be this year?

I encourage you to read the report from last year’s race.


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  1. Going to be a perfect day for skiers and spectators 🙂

  2. Have a great ‘blue’ day!

  3. Woo Hoo! WOW! That looks sooo much better than last Sunday!

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