Kananaskis Village trails

Let’s talk about the wind for a minute. Both Chip and Jill mentioned it in their trip reports today. Driving down Hwy #40 and seeing the wind and blowing snow would be enough to discourage someone from going further. Like magic, however, it virtually disappeared upon turning onto Ribbon Creek Drive. I didn’t even feel it at the Kovach Lookout.

The lesson here is: Don’t make any impulsive judgements about the weather until you arrive at your destination. I’ve experienced the same phenomenon at many trails, so stick it out until you get on the trail. Skogan Pass, up in the clouds, is bound to have some wind on a blustery day, however.

On my way back to the mountains this afternoon, I was looking forward to skiing the trails which Jeff groomed yesterday. Considering this area was nothing but glare ice two days ago, it’s had quite a transformation. You still have to exercise some caution as there are still a few patches with some exposed ice.

Terrace trail

I started up Terrace from the Ribbon Creek parking lot, and looked with trepidation at some icy spots, knowing I’d be returning on the same trail. It’s a fast downhill on the way back, but I had no trouble at all. There’s just enough new snow to make it safe and enjoyable. I won’t guarantee it will stay this way after heavy use. It still needs some more snow to be completely covered.

After climbing the 900 metres up Terrace, I turned right onto Kovach and did the outside loop. Up to the Lookout where the snow was excellent going up and coming down. All the S-turns had good snow coverage.

An icy patch on north Kovach

At the village, the first 100 metres on Terrace is always in rough shape from heavy use by walkers. Thereafter, it was pretty good. In a few places, the tracks are icy due to the base being solid ice.

I saw lots of animal tracks, but I’m thinking it might have been dog prints, as dogs are allowed here. Look at the photos and tell me what you think.

Ribbon Creek has fresh snow covering a base of ice with lots of skier tracks, footprints, and snowshoe tracks. I didn’t ski on it, but I’ve included a photo.

The air temperature at Ribbon Creek parking lot was -9 at 3 pm, and the snow was -7, so any old blue wax would work fine today.

We know from Jill’s report that Skogan Pass was groomed and trackset today. I also saw the groomer’s new corduroy heading up the Skogan Pass trail from Ribbon Creek parking lot. I expect it would be in prime condition once you get up past the Marmot junction.

More trails were trackset yesterday in PLPP. Check the trail report for details.

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