PLPP: “best conditions we’ve had this year”

Thanks to Tony for this update: We “got our butts out there” today (Jan 7th) and were rewarded with the best conditions we’ve personally had this year.  A bit cool starting out, but we warmed up nicely climbing up Whiskey Jack.  With the sun shining down on the pristine meadows along Trywhitt, we were in heaven!

Skiers on Pocaterra trail about 1K from Whiskey Jack junction

I’ll vouch for that. The trails which have been trackset in the past two days were excellent. Air temperature stayed below freezing, and the snow temperature at Boulton Creek was an “easy-wax” minus 8. The Pocaterra parking lot was full-to-overflowing. We reached ultra-sonic speeds on the 7K downhill on Pocaterra (between Whiskey Jack and Lynx). Not dangerous, just fun on the good snow. One of the best things about the recent snow was that it covered all the tree debris, so the tracks were clean and fast.

Crash and burn site on Whiskey Jack. If you miss the corner on the steep section, this is where you'll end up when you bail. It was well-used today.

The Banff trail report indicates that Cascade Valley was trackset today. Nicholas also left a Trip Report but I’m not sure if the new tracksetting had occurred when he was there. In any event, it sounds like it’s in decent shape.

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