Guess the trail

Where did Steve Riggs take this photo?

Thanks for all the trip reports on the weekend. Steve Riggs left a trip report along with 14 beautiful pictures, without giving the location. Take a look at the photos and let’s see if we can uncover his secret skiing destination. Steve’s photos. I can’t believe he’d expect to get away with such a tactic.

Thanks for all the kind wishes for my recovery. Being the vain person that I am, I enjoy knowing that I’m cared about by my readers.

The Pole-dragger

The comments on here continue to educate, entertain, and frankly, amaze me. The pole-dragging video took on a life of its own, and the comments touched on a number of subjects.

Where did Steve Riggs take this photo?

I have learned so many things from readers that I’d never have thought of myself. I especially liked the back and forth about methods of slowing yourself down, because it’s an issue which almost all novice skiers need to learn about, and I believe it can make new skiers reluctant to take up this activity.  I expect DaveC’s concerns and the relevant comments were read with a lot of interest by our novice skiers.

One of the neatest things about this blog has been the input of the tracksetting personnel. I hope the comments they’ve given us will make us realize some of the challenges they face, and one thing that does come through clearly for me is their dedication and sense of pride in doing a good job. I’m pretty sure they’d be just as conscientious even without Helen’s cookies.

As for showing photos on here, I have zero interest in displaying anyone’s photo who doesn’t want to be seen, so let me know and I’ll remove any photo in which you can be identified, but bear in mind, you’ll be missing out on all the benefits attached to that. Once you’ve been featured in a photo on here, your life will never be the same. You’ll become rich, famous, and gain the notoriety that you deserve.

As any teacher will tell you, if you can entertain while teaching, the lessons will be more interesting and will capture the student’s attention. Let’s hi-lite this comment from Carol, which like the video, I found to be quite amusing:

“Cool video, Alf! But I didn’t notice any of those guys dragging their poles between their legs like in Bob’s video!  It seems like they use it more like a steering rudder, like in a canoe!  It looks fun! And I like their outfits and hats – beats a flash of spandex flying by you!!  I hope that guy in Bob’s video isn’t planning on having any children any time soon!”

You’ve heard of double-poling. I guess you could say that skier was triple-poling. :)


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  1. Oh, great! There goes another of my secret destinations! Did you think I wouldn’t notice, while I am here at Sol Mountain Lodge?

  2. Temple is there as a reference. What’s the peak in photo 10?

    Lordy, that looks like great skiing! In another life I want to try those fat skis with AT bindings!

  3. This comment came in from Brian:

    “looks like what we refer to as hector south ridge!”

    • Good stuff Brian.

      Photo 2 must then be looking across the Icefields Parkway towards the long face of Balfour?

      • hi henry
        yes thats right

        • Uh oh, I might be in trouble now with the guy who led me there, who checks in here regularly. Who knew that SkiHere had such astute readers?
          Brian! Are you THAT Brian???
          Be forewarned if you think you know where this is, that access involves ascending, and then skiing back down, more than 500 vertical m. of unbroken thick forest- I have the scratches on my face to prove it!

          • Hi Steve
            Yes I bet you are in a spot of trouble…but the day you had more than makes up for that!!!
            I’m sure Alf has more secret spots!! ( and I do not feel sorry for a guy who is up at Sol!!!)
            I’m not sure if i”m THAT Brian…I’ve been called worse!
            We actually skiied by you on Sunday as you were knoshing at the junction leading to Blueberry Hill, and met you on an Easter ski on Blueberry Hill.
            brian mcbroom

        • Brian H. ?

          If so, howdy!
          You’ve been up Hector, so you know these parts !

          Give a big hello to Elaine and Duane for me.

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