Is it possible to have too many choices?

This weekend, you have a super-abundance of choices of trails to ski, and with Monday being a holiday, you have an extra day to try and fit more in. Will you be going back to a favourite trail, or trying out something new? This winter has not presented us with too many opportunities like this. By my count, there are at least 500K of trails to ski around here right now.

You’ll finally have a good selection closer to Calgary. I hope the snow is staying cold in West Bragg Creek because the parking lot will be full for three consecutive days. I’d go there just to see all the happy dogs(397 readers have clicked on the “Dog-friendly ski trails” page in the past month).

West Bragg Creek

Ribbon Creek and the Kananaskis Village trails are reported to be in good shape. I would give anything to have the ability to climb to the Kovach lookout right now, and ski down all those fun trails to the village. For those looking for a good climb, Skogan Pass(upper) was trackset today.

Mount Shark was trackset last night. Every trail in Banff National Park has been trackset within the past few days, except for Brewster Creek. You may be able to guess which one would be on top of my list.(We had a question from a reader – has anyone been on the Spray River recently?)

The Canmore Nordic Centre’s natural snow trails were all trackset this week.

The good old dependables, PLPP and Lake Louise should be as good as ever.

I’m expecting to see a lot of trip reports!

If you’re new here, or are wondering why I’m only fantasizing about skiing, read my post of Feb 11, I’m Alive!!!!!

Nipika’s cougar triplets made the front page of the local newspaper.


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  1. That’s a great trip, especially with just a light snowfall. Too much and it’s hard to recover from a face plant, too little and your flying!

  2. This is a late post (and my first trail report), but we skied from Nakiska via Skogan to the Lookout on Saturday on the fresh trackset. My wife and I were first up to the Lookout. A leisurely 70 mins up and a thrilling 20 mins down. Awesome!


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