Sat night update

“Pocaterra was approx -12C when we started out 10am today, and approx -2C in the shade upon return.” – RichieRich

I’m liking what I’m reading about PLPP as I’m considering skiing there tomorrow. I only need a few kilometres to reach 1000K. Despite the poorer conditions this winter, I’ll be reaching that goal one day ahead of last year.

I was actually in Calgary today, so obviously no skiing for me. Unbelievable temperatures for early February at +13. It’s reassuring to read the Trip Reports and see that it’s staying cold in PLPP. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but they are consistently grooming on Friday nights and sometimes Saturday.

I’m also tempted by the Pipestone trails after reading Pass-the-Cow-on-Skis’ report, since I haven’t made an appearance there this winter yet. It’s nice that we still have new places to go, even in a poor snow year.

I was amazed at how many people looked at that posting yesterday regarding Beginner skiers.(well, not really). Something to keep in mind for beginners and novices is that under “Places to ski” on the sidebar, I have a category entitled “beginner skiers.” Click on that to get ideas, and see some good places for you to ski. Questions such as Scott’s are always welcome.

Canada’s Devon Kershaw won a World Cup cross-country race for the first time Saturday, capturing a 15-kilometre freestyle mass start race. Read more from CBC Red-hot Kershaw skis to 1st gold in XC

Read more from SkiTrax He’s on roll; 3rd consecutive podium

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