I didn’t ski today, but I’m making this post to thank everyone who left trip reports during the month of January. The Trip Reports page was viewed 7,066 times last month.

There’s a new page up for Feb Trip Reports. Thanks to Helen for being the first one to post.

Did anyone else catch the PBS show tonight on wolverines?  One researcher who studied them for 30 years was only able to spot one three times, so they are very elusive. Sheila was very lucky to see one on Packers this winter. I was lucky enough to see one in 2004, although at quite a distance, but it’s markings and distinctive lope were unmistakable. We had hiked up to Ptarmigan cirque and the wolverine was higher up in the scree. They are a fascinating and somewhat misunderstood creature.


This blog set another record in January with 51,536 views. That’s an average of 1662 per day. On the busiest day, Jan 6, we had 2590 views. Last year, we averaged 763 per day during Jan. It’s not as easy to find good skiing conditions this winter, so that might be contributing to the increase. You can’t just jump in your car and show up at a trailhead, expecting good snow. That’s where the Trip Reports have been so valuable.

Here are the most clicked-on photos over the past month. When I posted them, I didn’t think the PLPP trail maps would be so popular:

207 Hits
139 Hits
110 Hits
105 Hits
101 Hits


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