What a beautiful day

Phenomenal conditions at West Bragg made for a wonderful first day back on my skis.

I felt like I was functioning at about 90% after 3 weeks off, but I’ve never had a more enjoyable day as Tessa and I cruised around the easier trails. The recent trip reports were very accurate in saying the conditions are excellent. With cold weather on the way, it should preserve the good snow at least until Saturday. Unfortunately, by Sunday the high is supposed to be +11.

Jodie and Jeanette were enjoying Mountain Road at West Bragg Creek

The air temperature was -1 at 2 pm, but the snow was still cold at -7. VR45 worked well, but in a few places where the sun was hitting the trail, it was a bit slick. Taking Thorsten’s advice, we started out on Mountain Road which is just about the easiest trail anywhere, then came to the junction where we had to go left or right on Moose Connector. Going right would have meant some steep climbs and fast downhills, so we played it safe and headed towards Crystal Line West.

Loggers Loop at West Bragg Creek

The snow was even better on Crystal Line, with excellent tracks. We branched right onto Loggers Loop, this being the first time I’ve ever skied that trail which proved to be a lot of fun with some pleasant little hills and great views.

Although it was enticing me, we didn’t take Elbow but continued on Sundog. Luckily I was looking ahead, because on the downhill with the Caution sign, if you stay in the tracks they’ll lead you right into the rhubarb patch(see photos). I forgot how nice the gradual downhill was on Crystal Line East. As you get to the end where it turns and gets steep, there’s still plenty of snow for snowplowing if you need to.

I only get to ski at West Bragg once or twice a winter, so I’m glad I went today while the conditions were so terrific. I hope I can do twice as many Ks next time. Take note of the photo where I’m kneeling on my left leg; I couldn’t do that a month ago.



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  1. Woo-hoo! Great Stuff!!
    So exciting to be back on skis 🙂
    Pity about the imminent chinook though……

  2. It’s great to see SkierBob back on his skis! Thanks for your excellent blog.

  3. Good to see that you are able to get out skiing again! I also enjoyed a great day at the West Bragg Creek trails. The only thing that I can add to your report is that the Moose Loop was also in very good condition, even in those areas where there was no snow on the adjacent south and west facing hillsides.
    Anyone interested in walking at West Bragg Creek should note that the new summer trails, like “Braggin-Rights” have been routed on sunny south facing slopes and are largely snow-free. There is no need for anyone to walk on the ski trails!

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