Blueberry Hill and Elk Pass

It took me almost all winter to get there, but I had wonderful conditions on new tracksetting for my first trip to Blueberry Hill this season. Cold snow(-6) so no waxing problems. The air temperature at Elk Pass trailhead was -5. In addition to Elk Pass and Blueberry Hill,  I skied on Hydroline and Patterson. Hydroline only had one pass with the groomer between Tyrwhitt and Patterson junctions and was very soft, and I imagine that’s why it wasn’t included on today’s trail report. With all the fresh snow, it’s probably taking longer to groom the trails.

Ian(left) from Canmore and his parents from Cape Breton on Elk Pass

All the other trails had lots of fresh snow, deeper as you went further south. Pocaterra still had fairly visible tracks under the new snow. Wednesday is usually the groomer’s day at Mt Shark, so I wouldn’t expect anything new to be groomed in PLPP for tomorrow(Thur).

I stopped at Ribbon Creek on the way home and noticed that it was all freshly trackset, probably done today. Snow looked nice and cold yet. Most likely a lot of the other trails in the vicinity are trackset. With warm weather on the way, get out there early tomorrow.

The view from Blueberry Hill

The view from Blueberry Hill

Grooming continues at Lake Louise with Moraine Lake Road, Fairview, and Upper Tramline done today.


Anyone been on Goat Creek? Probably not, since the Smith -Dorrien above the nordic centre is closed again. Heather is asking… “I would like to know whether Goat Creek from Canmore to Banff is skiable now and what it’s like. Our seniors’ bus is going out Friday and we’d love to do it, if possible. Thanks.” The road is scheduled to be open again tomorrow(Thur).

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