Cascade Valley

The tracks are wobbly and beat up, but there’s no shortage of good, cold snow. Like the skiers in the above photo, when descending the big hill, I stayed in the middle.

Anne was happy to be out skiing today in Cascade Valley

Acting upon Chuck’s trip report, I skied to the Cascade River bridge today. There’s a lot of fresh snow on the trail, so I’m surprised that it hasn’t been trackset. The snow is still cold although I had to use VR55 to climb the hill. After the hill, grip was excellent and the snow was fast.

There are no icy conditions of any significance, but the paved part of the trail at the beginning is quite hard-packed. On the way back, I had marginal grip on the last 700 metres(the paved portion) as I climbed back to the Lake Minnewanka parking lot. Spring skiing can give you some good shoulder workouts.

Cascade Valley, a short distance past the campground

The air temperature was +4 and I didn’t check snow temp. Only went about 200 metres beyond the campground, so I didn’t get to see the kill site.

Yesterday’s fantastic conditions will be the standard by which all are judged, and today’s conditions wouldn’t compare so well, but it was still good to be alive and skiing in such a beautiful place.


If you’re a manic skier and want to support a good cause, this Sat/Sun is the 12-24 hr Canmore Ski Fest. It looks like the weather may even co-operate. Read more

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  1. Thanks for the verification Bob, and thanks for providing the detailed information that people really appreciate.
    Glad you enjoyed your ski too!

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